4th of July knitting resolutions

The 4th of July holiday is one of my favorite holidays. What’s not to like about friends, food, family, food, playing games in the sunshine, did I mention food? Well, this July 4th I’m doing something different. I’ve made a list of all the knitting projects I want to complete before the end of this year.

Here they are:

1. Jocelyn. I’m 95% done with this one so it’s really a done deal.

2. Green Lace Shawl. The pattern is from the Spring 2007 Knit It! magazine – Better Homes and Garden Creative Collection. I bought this magazine for two patterns. I’m not brave enough to try the other pattern yet. The yarn I’m using is Lacey Lamb by Jade Sapphire Exotic Fibres. That stuff is yarn crack! I have the needles for this very simple shawl. It’s simple because there is NOT a lace pattern to be found. I’m not ready for lace. The thought of it makes my head hurt.

Lacey Lamb

3. Fetching. I have the pattern. It’s free from Knitty or you can just click on Fetching in the Next! Column on the right. The yarn I’m using is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (it’s is the specified yarn). It’s so soft and pretty. I think the right size needles a set of US #3 for me. I’m such a loose knitter.

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

4. Nautilus Hat – Her Hat. The pattern is free on the designer’s, Marnie MacLean, website. The yarn I’m using is Blue Sky Worsted hand dyes 50% Alpaca/50% Merino. I’ve never used this yarn but it feels great. It was a spurge for me. I don’t have the needles for this one. The first time I knit this pattern, I used a cotton yarn. Big mistake. I knitted a pancake not a hat. I hope to have better luck this time.

Blue Sky Worsted

5. Socks using the Universal toe-up sock formula. This pattern is also from Knitty. I’m using Trekking pro natura yarn. Yesterday, I bought a set of 5 Brittany US #1 needles. When I got home, there was only one left. I found one in the car, one on the floor next to my knitting bag. Who knows where the other two are! I’m so not happy.

Trekking sock yarn

These five projects might not seem like much especially compared to the output of some bloggers like Elisabeth. She’s amazing! My selection was very deliberate. I’ve been knitting off and on (mostly off) for years but I’ve never made anything other than scarves. Almost 16 years ago, I started a baby sweater for my best friends first baby. It’s ¾ complete and it’s been that way for sixteen years! This year, I’m determined to knit a fitted garment hence Jocelyn. I just loved the way the shawl looked in the magazine and I could actually follow the pattern. Then I went to Wooly Bully (my then LYS) and touched the Lacey Lamb and I was done. I wanted to learn how to knit cables and use double pointed needles. Can you say Fetching and Nautilus Hat? The sock is my stretch. I think you should always have a stretch goal. Knitting socks is a strange new world for me. I’ve been inspired by all the socks showing up on all the knitting blogs (here , here, and here. I hope to have my pictures up by the end of the year.

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