On the sewing front

I’m almost done with the Simplicity 3634 skirt. All I have left is the hem. Here’s a picture of the muslin.

3634 View F skirt

I had my mother pen the hem but it wasn’t even. I’d read about skirt markers so I bought one this weekend. This one.

Skirt Marker

It worked fine but I’ve got to get use to squeezing the bulb every few inches. I missed most of the back hem.

Hancock’s and Jo-Ann’s are having huge Labor Day sales this past weekend and I took advantage of it. In addition to the skirt marker, I bought two Olfa rotary cutters(45mm & 28mm), rotary cutter mat(25″x18″), and 5 patterns. McCall’s is on sale for $1.99, Vogue $3.99 at Jo-Ann’s.


Well, back to the skirt. I’m not sure if it’s the fabric or the pattern or my sewing skills (or lack thereof) but I’m not happy with the skirt. I’ll try the pattern again when it’s cooler with a heavier fabric. I had to make alterations (take in the waist -note the pins on the left -and go up a size in the hip).

pin fit

I traced the pattern unto tissue paper. The front and back use the same pattern piece. I think I’m going to make two separate pattern pieces (one for front and one for the back). I think this will take the guesswork out of my alterations.


In the mean time I found Vogue V8424. I traced the pattern tonight and plan to cut the remainder of the muslin tomorrow. I used my rotary cutter and mat for the first time today. I love, love, love it. The cuts are straight and neat. I’m a convert. Here’s a picture of the muslin for the Vogue skirt. I like it.

Vogue V8424


I need a cutting table especially if I continue to trace the patterns and I think I will. That will be on my list of sewing items to buy.


Here’s my list of sewing items to buy

  1. Rotary cutter mat (big one to go on cutting table)
  2. Pattern weights of some kind
  3. Dress form
  4. Serger (I’m thinking Brother 1034D)
  5. Sewing table
  6. Cutting table
  7. extra sewing machine needles
  8. metal hip curve
  9. hand needles (milliner’s & ballpoint)
  10. Rotary cutters (28mm & 45mm)
  11. Rotary mat (small one)
  12. Skirt marker
  13. Graphite paper



Everything left on the list with the exception of the pattern weights costs over $100 (sigh) and I want them all…right now. Well, I’ll have to wait. I think I’m going watch the boards and eBay and see if I can get a few of the items used.

I went to Home Depot. I bought 16 washers (5/8 inch cut) from the hardware aisle to use as pattern weights. I’ll buy more because they worked so well.


Right now I’m going to practice sewing skirts. I’ve heard that’s the easiest garment to make. Once I get skirts down then I’ll start on tops and pants. I’ve tried to make tops (see pictures below).

Simplicity 3750

Simplicity 3887

I haven’t mastered the full bust adjustment yet. From what I’ve read on sewing blogs and in sewing books, you need to start with a dart. My first top pattern didn’t have a dart and that threw me off for a while. Then I bought a copy of Fit for Real People and learned you just draw a dart when you want it. It helped knowing that but I’m not ready to tackle that just yet.

Stay tuned for my skirt sewing adventure….

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