Shopping the day after Thanksgiving

For the first time in my life, I got up at 4am to go shopping. I drove to Joann’s for stuff and not Christmas presents. Okay, maybe Christmas presents to myselfSmiley Face

Here’s part of my shopping spree.

Part of the shopping stash! Needles

More notions Tape

  • 7-Schmetz Machine needles for my Brother 6000i
  • 3-Olfa Rotary blades replacements
  • 2-Waist Shaper interfacing
  • 1-package of seam binding
  • 1-package of button
  • 1 package of tracing paper
  • 1-package of seams great
  • 1-tape measurer
  • 1-Circular knitting needles

But the prize and worth the early morning shopping is this…Cutting Table!

Cutting Table

Woo-hoo! Yet another item check off my list.
Revised Sewing Wish List

A few months ago, I published my sewing wish list. It has changed.

Here’s my list of sewing items to buy

  1. Rotary cutter mat (big one to go on cutting table)
  2. Pattern weights of some kind
  3. Dress form
  4. Serger (I’m thinking Brother 1034D or Not I’m still looking)
  5. Sewing table
  6. Cutting table
  7. Clapper
  8. Subscription to Threads Magazine (I’m mailing it off today!)

I’m tall and cutting is hard on the back now. JoAnn’s has a cutting table on sale for $49.99 and Erica B bought one. I got this all for 50% off non-sales items and 20% off of the total price!

The circular knitting needle is for a project I’ve started. It’s the Nautilus Hat. The pattern is here. I’m using Blue Sky Worsted yarn.

Nautilus Hat yarn

I’m happy! Now, back to work for me.

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