Revised Sewing Wish List (Again)

A few months ago, I published my Revised Sewing Wish List. Well, it has changed.

I bought a serger a few months ago.

My first serger

My first serger

It’s a Singer Merrittlock 14U Model 14U46B. I like it. It was relatively inexpensive because I bought it used from a local sewing machine store. I’m still learning the ins and outs of it but I like it. After hearing so many people complain about threading their serger, I was a little apprehensive. Threading my serger isn’t bad at all.

With my new/used serger, here’s my revised (again) wish list.

Here’s my list of sewing items to buy

  1. Rotary cutter mat (big one to go on cutting table)
  2. Pattern weights of some kind
  3. Dress form
  4. Sewing table
  5. Clapper
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One Comment on “Revised Sewing Wish List (Again)”

  1. Judy Says:

    Hi, I happened upon your blog through the tag searcher and read your wish list. I’m glad you got your serger. I love mine and don’t know how I did without one for so many years.

    I noticed you want pattern weights. I did, too. I spent good money on weights without ever considering how easy they would be to make. I bought two types. One is a hard plastic, and the other is similar to a small bean bag. Both were price inflated…but I had no idea what I would be getting when I ordered them.

    Since buying my weights…which I do enjoy using…I’ve seen where other (wiser, craftier, thriftier) sewers have made their own by covering different objects with fabric…or painting large bolt nuts. One lady uses cans of tuna, etc.

    So unless you just want the manufactured type this is a easy way to mark another item off your wish list.

    What is a clapper?

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