Watch out! Carla’s going to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

I registered for the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo today at lunch. That might not have been the best time. I registered over the phone while I was driving back to work from Cap’n D’s. Now, when I began the call, I was at a complete stop and traffic hadn’t moved for 5 minutes. The MINUTE the operator answered the dang phone, traffic begin to move. Then I had to repeat myself because an ambulance drove by with sirens blasting. I’m sure the lady on the phone thought I was crazy 🙂

I didn’t get two classes (Hands on zippers with Cynthia Guffy and Industrial shortcuts with Mickey Hudson-Sandoval) that I wanted.  Both are hands on classes.  I did get in Cynthia Guffey’s Fitting Accomplished: Upper Body and Fitting Accomplished: Pants, Emma Seabrooke’s Pattern Drafting:  Tees, tees, tees; and Mary Ray’s Tailoring techniques for the timid.

While I’m at the expo, I plan to buy a clapper or tailor board (on my wish list) , interfacing, fabric and whatever else that will fit in my budget.

I’m really excited about it and look forward to learning alot.

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