Pattern Weights

Last week, Faye and Omega wrote blog post about their pattern weights.  Well, I HAD to make some for myself 🙂  I think they turned out pretty well.  I had to buy a glue gun (I’ve never used one) and some ribbon.  I already had 3/4 inch cut washers that I’d been using as pattern weights.

Here’s the results.

New glue gun and pattern weights

Here’s another view.


This project took about 15 minutes total to complete.  Five of those minutes was waiting for the glue gun to heat up.

I bought the 3/4 in cut washers from Home Depot months ago.  I bought the mini glue gun and 5/8 inch wide – 3yds ribbon from Michaels.  The ribbon was on sale for $1.  I need to buy more tomorrow.  I covered 3 washers with one roll of ribbon.  The weight covered with the fuschia and polka dot ribbons (on the left in the photo above) consists of two washers.

I’ve got about nine or ten bare washers left and I could go back to Michaels now but I’m just lazy and I don’t want to get rained on again… once was enough.

As for sewing, I will cut out another muslin of Simplicity 4273 skirt this weekend.  I want to make sure the adjustments I’ve made really work.

I’m getting really excited about the Expo next week.  I know they don’t allow cameras so I’ll have to write down all of my thinks that day.

That’s it for now.

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