Janome 7034D Serger

My new serger the Janome 7034D Magnolia.

7034D Magnolia

7034D Magnolia

I bought it from Ashby Sewing Machine Company yesterday.  There are no reviews of this machine in PatternReview.com so I had to make the decision on my own …which was fine.  This machine along with a Pfaff  serger was on sale for $199.00.  I chose the 7034D based on the way the machine performed overlock stitches, changed to rolled hem (remove a needle, disengage upper knife, slide a button forward, engage upper knife, turn the dial for stitch width to R), the number of available attachments ,  reputation of Janome machines and the when I asked the sales woman which machine would she buy she selected the Janome.

The pictures below contains the equipment that came with the serger.

Unopened Box

Unopened Box

Serger and foot control

Serger and foot control

Instruction book, Foot control, accessories

Instruction book, Foot control, accessories

The serger ships from the factory pre threaded but of course I wanted to thread the thing from scratch.  I would highly recommend buying floss threader to thread the lower looper.  Floss threaders are cheap and will save you hours of frustration.  It didn’t take me long to thread the serger.  Once threaded, I was good to go.  The 4 thread overlock and rolled hem were perfect.  I’m very happy with my purchase.

I can’t sew this weekend so I’ll post more pictures next week.

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