146 Sewing Patterns

I have 146 sewing patterns.  I know because I entered them in Microsoft Access.  I was tired of buying patterns only to discover that I had the same pattern at home.

It was a very time consuming project but I got it done.  The project consisted of:

  • creating the database in Access,
  • labeling 9×12 folders,
  • copying the front and back of pattern envelop,
  • creating the notebook and
  • filing the copies of the envelopes.

I learn a lot about my tastes in clothing.  Is that another V-neck top?

I also realized that I’ve only used a fraction of my patterns.   So, I’m not going on a pattern diet.  I’ve seen the Fall Vogue Patterns and there a few that I want but I will make a point of using the patterns I own for the rest of this year.

I now have a notebook which contains copies of the pattern envelopes (front & back). (click on pictures to enlarge)

Cover of my sewing pattern notebook

Cover of my sewing pattern notebook

Tabs represents types of sewing patterns

Tabs represents types of sewing patterns

Closeup of Tabs

Closeup of Tabs

I’ve divided my patterns into the following categories:

  • accessories,
  • dress,
  • home dec,
  • jackets/coats,
  • pants,
  • skirts,
  • tops/shirts,
  • wardrobe.

Accessories includes sleepwear, lingerie, bags aprons, etc.  Wardrobe includes any pattern with more than one items like skirt and pants.

Here’s the break down of my pattern categories.

  • Accessories – 6
  • Dress – 27,
  • Home dec -11,
  • Jackets/coats -10,
  • Pants – 11,
  • Skirts – 9,
  • Tops/shirts – 38,
  • Wardrobe – 34.

The pattern pages

Close up of front page

Close up of the back page

You would think that would be enough patterns for one person.  Not!

I’ll eventually, get around to cataloging the sewing magazines like BWOF, BWOF plus (I don’t have that many) and one lone copy of Ottobre women and Kwik Sew’s Beautiful Lingerie.   That’s for another day.  I’m sick of looking at my database.

Here’s where I store my patterns.  I store the pattern (original, traced and pattern envelop)  in a 9X12 envelop because I trace my patterns instead of using the original patterns.  It works for me.

2 drawer top shelf

2 drawer bottom

2 drawer closeup

I really want to add pictures to the database but I haven’t figured that out yet.

It would be nice to be able to upload the database to my Blackberry.

So, if you’re reading this blog post.  I have a few questions for you.

1.  Do you know how many patterns you own?

2.  How do you keep them organized?

3.  If you have a smartphone, do you keep your pattern information on it?

Thanks and have a great week.

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2 Comments on “146 Sewing Patterns”

  1. countrygirlcouture Says:

    I realize this post is old, but maybe I can still help.

    1. Yes
    2. On PatternReview.com they have a “pattern catalog” that you can put patterns into if you know the number. It’s even easier if they are in your “wishlist” on there. There’s probably more search options and such if you are a paid member–I’m not (yet), so I don’t know.
    3. No smartphone, but I probably wouldn’t use it for that anyway.

    I know what you mean about having a lot of similar patterns. I’m in the same boat, but I’ve put myself on a pattern & fabric diet.

    And isn’t it funny how the dress patterns are the ones to really catch your eye? Especially if they aren’t something you wear often?

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    Thanks countrygirlcouture. I have yet to sew a dress but I continue to buy dress patterns. I’m going to have to make one before the year ends. I don’t buy as many patterns as I once did. I think I have more than enough now and I might be joining you on the pattern diet 🙂

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