Half Slip

Pink half slip

I read Barbara’s blog post on making a half slip and decided to make one of my own.  Her instructions were a lot simplier than tracing the half slip pattern in Kwik Sew’s Beautiful Lingerie book.  Yes, I was lazy.

Fabric – Tricot from Sew Sassy Fabrics.  I bought the Pantie/Slip Value Pack for $10.  Pink, white and pale yellow tricot was in the pack.  The pink was the longest so I started with it.  I have enough left over to make 2 or 3 panties.

Stretch Elastic 7/8 inch wide at the waist from Lace Heaven.  Hem lace from Gail K‘s.  I can’t believe a went to Gail K’s and just bought lace!

The most difficult part of making this slip was removing the tape from the lace and tricot.  In the Beautiful Lingerie book, they suggest using clear tape instead of pins to attach the lace to the fabric.

Close up waist and hem lace

Stretch Lace from Lace Heaven

Stretch Lace from Lace Heaven

Lace from Gail K

Lace from Gail K

The total project took about 30 minutes.  That’s cutting fabric to sewing.  I made a mistake with the waist elastic.  I should have cut the smaller.  If I’d followed Barbara’s instructions and cut the elastic 4 inches shorter than my waist, I would have been fine but nooooo.  The waist is a little loose.

I will absolutely sew another have slip.  It was quick, easy and inexpensive.

Give it a try.

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2 Comments on “Half Slip”

  1. bssquished Says:

    Wow, you did a beautiful job with this slip! It is so gratifying to have a quick and wonderful project like this, isn’t it?

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    Thank you! I love my new slip. Thank you for posting the instructions. I don’t think I’ll be buying another half anytime soon.

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