Weekend review

I made progress with my black skirt.  I’ve made a brown version and this time, I wanted to try two new techniques.

1.  I wanted to add a quick lining to elimate the need for interfacing.

2.  Machine sew the lining to the invisible zipper.

If I had to give myself a grade, I’d give me B.  Why?  Because if I’d taken my time and written down the steps first, I would have had a much better garment.

  • I attached the lining to the zipper before I attached the lining to the waist.   Duh!  Where’s my seam ripper?
  • I forgot to edge stitch the lining & facing.  Duh!  Where’s my seam ripper?
  • I forgot to cut the lining length shorter than the skirt length and I wanted to add lace to the hem.  I didn’t notice this until after I’d sewn the lace to the lining.  Duh!  Where’s my seam ripper and rotary cutter?
  • I didn’t completely machine sew the invisible zipper because I just wasn’t paying attention.  Duh!  Where’s the needle and thread?

I’ve got to remember to take my time when I’m sewing.  I think I was too eager to try new techniques that I didn’t pay attention to the details.  I think I’m going to make a big sign that says ‘SLOW DOWN’ and hang it above my sewing machine :).  The other thing I plan to do, is write down the instructions if I plan to change the pattern.   The skirt pattern isn’t lined, uses a regular zipper and has a slit in the back.  The changes I made are big but enough to throw me off.

McCall3830 Front Dressform

Anyway, I have to hem my skirt then it will be done.  When this skirt is complete, I would have obtained my sewing goal of  “Make at least two skirts that fit me.”  Whoo-hoo.

I think after finishing this skirt I’m going to try something simple like this vest from Simplicity 2566.

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