Why do they DO this to us!

Warning…rant ahead!

I use to wonder why I didn’t sew well. Why couldn’t I make all the steps in my sewing project look like the illustrations in the sewing instructions of the big 4 pattern companies. I don’t wonder anymore. I’m convinced the sewing companies are trying to make beginners ALL sewers lose their ever loving mind trying to follow the asinine instructions. ::snarl:::

So what sent me on this rant? The instructions to add the collar band and collar to McCall’s 5145.

The first thing that annoyed me was they forgot to label step 16 for ALL VIEWS. Step 16 constructs the collar and since this is a blouse pattern… well… all views need a collar…hello!

Next, came the construction of the collar band & collar to the blouse. Yuck! I followed their instructions and the collar looked like a two year old got a hold of a sewing machine. I didn’t take pictures because it was just that bad.

I’m so glad there are sewing bloggers who don’t mind telling it like it is when it comes to sewing pattern instructions. I had no problem throwing out McCall’s instructions and off to my sewing library I went.

I looked through Shirt Making by David Coffin, Power Sewing by Sandra Betzina and The Busy Woman’s Sewing Book (Revised Edition) by Nancy Zieman and Robbie Fanning. Of the three books, The Busy Woman’s Sewing Book had the most clear and simple instructions.
I used McCall’s instructions to make the collar and The Busy Woman’s Sewing Book for everything else.

I’m making a muslin with the intent of using the muslin as my pattern later so I didn’t trim the seam allowances at all.  I also thread traced the grain lines.  Here’s the results.

I don’t know why the center back seams are lining up.  Could it be operator error?  🙂

I’m happy with the results.  The blouse is rolling along.  I have to insert the sleeves  :::insert the music from the shower scene in the movie PSYCHO::::  I’m determined to learn how to sew sleeves without puckers or pinches this year.  Send good thoughts my way, please.

I think I need to to a FBA also.  Stay tuned.

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