Day One: The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday March 11, 2010

Day One

Rain + Atlanta traffic + 9 am class = Late to Class

My first class was The Gap! which was taught by Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns. This was a great class which taught me more about draping and fit. It wasn’t a draping class but I could understand the principles of draping now that I’ve been sewing for over a year. I missed part of the class but I had a few “ah-ha” moments. I’ll be using my French curve a lot more. Peggy explained that most gaps are due to L, C or D. L=length, C=Circumference or D=depth (dart). L,C, D is also the sequence of making adjustments. Add or subtract length, then circumference then depth. It was a one hour class.

This was the only class I’d preregistered for the day. After her class, I signed up for another class she was teaching at 2:30pm. I then went into the Exhibit Hall. Because I’d attended Expo last year, I made a list of things I wanted to buy and put the list on my Blackberry. There were more exhibitors who catered to quilters but there were some vendors who had items for garment sewers. The first place I went was to Golden Hands Industries, Inc. (800-998-1392). Last year, I bought a tailor board, this year I bought I ham holder for $22.95.  I can take that off my sewing wish list.

Next, I went to the Silhouette Patterns booth and bought two DVD’s. Success from the Start and Achieving great fit through Muslins. They had a special if you bought the Success from the Start DVD, you got one pattern free so I chose pattern #700, Alex’s blouse. The pictures don’t do the patterns justice. I learned this because I watched the fashion show. What a difference! $74.10

I visited the Gadgets Galore at Thread and ( and bought the New & Improved 3-in-1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom. This tool was mention on Beth’s blog, The Rusty Bobbin: Inklings. I liked her idea so I had to have one.$16.95

The next class began at 2:30pm…I wasn’t late for that one :). Making Sheers Simple was also taught by Peggy Sagers. She had 3 great tips for sewing with sheers. I have a few sheer fabrics so I’m going to use her tips in the spring to make summer tops. That was my day. I came home and watched the DVD’s. I still don’t know about my blouse. Something is wrong but I don’t know how to fix.

So here’s the haul ….

Sewing Wish List

  1. Large rotary cutting mat
  2. Personalized tags
  3. Ham holders
  4. Sleeve board and cover
  5. Take a fitting class
  6. Narrow Folding table
  7. Coverstitch machine

I’m going back to Expo tomorrow for more classes. Hopefully, I’ll learn something that will help me with blouse patterns.

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2 Comments on “Day One: The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Atlanta, Georgia”

  1. rustybobn Says:

    Hey! I was in that Peggy Sagers “The Gap” class, too! I was on the front row. I won’t be there today, but I am going back tomorrow–I need to get one of those Ham Holders. Have fun! -Beth

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    Dang it! I’m sorry I missed you 🙂 I’ll be there Saturday but then so will 100’s of others.

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