Day Three- The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo

No photos today..Sorry.

I had one class today and it was Linen, Lavender and Lace: Hand Embroidery 101 by JoLee Tarbell.    I learned hand embroidery from the same grandmothers who in steeled in me the love of sewing.  When it comes to crafting, I’m a lot like her.    She liked to sew, embroider, quilt and crochet.  I like to sew, embroider, knit and I’m learning to crochet.  I didn’t get the quilting bug but I can appreciate the work and art of quilting.

Anyway, back to the class.  This was a refresher course for me and I really enjoyed it.  I know sewing is my passion but I like embroidery too.  I would take another class with JoLee Tarbell.  She’s a very patient teacher and her instructions are on point.  In a few minutes, I was totally enjoying the art of embroidery again.  We learned and practiced a few stitches on a project.  The stitches are:  running stitch, back stitch, stem stitch and french knot.  I will finish my towel later this week and take pictures.

I didn’t run into other bloggers this year.  Although, I think I saw A Sewist Obsessed in one of Cynthia Guffey’s classes.

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2 Comments on “Day Three- The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo”

  1. sewistobsessed Says:

    Hi there! Yes, that was me in Cynthia Guffey’s Core Sewing skills. You should have said something! I took 4 of her classes this year and that one class was challenging because of the way the room was setup. Glad to see you found so much in the exhibit hall! I bought fewer things this year than I ever have, but Golden Hands is one of my favorite vendors, too. I bought a pants seam stick from him this year. I’m hoping to get my review uploaded soon. I came home and started fitting a bodice before I could forget what I’d learned and blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside for now.

  2. sheilazthreadz Says:

    I would’ve enjoyed attending that class. I love to hand sew and realized that for some unknown reason, I’d stop doing it. As of late I’ve come to understand that my sewing machine can’t do everything and enjoy the process of hand sewing when needed.

    I have been itching to begin quilting, but trying to pace myself….lol

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