Whipstitch – Atlanta

Today, I went to Whipstitch on my lunch break and bought Colette Patterns, Rooibos.

Colette Patterns

photo from Colette Patterns website

That’s all I walked out with because I just didn’t have time to shop.  The manager, Diane or Diana (I can’t remember her name but I remember her friendly face) was so nice.  She told me they had Colette Patterns and that was that.  I know I’m going to be a frequent shopper because they had beautiful cotton fabric.  I can see a few summer skirts made with fabric from Whipstitch in my future.    If you’re in Atlanta be sure to stop by.

I couldn’t wait to open my purchase.  Colette Patterns are so different from the big 4 patterns.  First, the instructions are in a booklet and the steps are given in order.  What a concept.  I don’t like skipping around to follow big 4 pattern instructions.  Second, Collette Patterns include all sizes which is great.  I know other pattern companies do it, Jalie and Hot Patterns, come to mind but I bought Collette Patterns first.  Third the sizing seems to be more in line with ready to wear sizing.

On another note, I received my order from Gorgeous Fabrics.  Squeeeee!  Sorry, no pictures yet.  I’m too tired to take pictures but look for another post soon.

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2 Comments on “Whipstitch – Atlanta”

  1. sheilazthreadz Says:

    Cute dress, I’ve been eyeing the Lady Grey coat.

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    I know. I love the lines of that coat. I think it’s considered an advanced pattern but I might just attempt it with my not so advanced skills 🙂

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