Hand Stitching

I haven’t been sewing much lately but there is a sewing related activity in my future.  But more on that later.  Last Two Saturdays ago, I attended the Couture ASG meeting where I did this.

Hand stitching Sampler

This was a great meeting for me.  It was the first time I’d attended the Couture meeting and the ladies were great.  I learned: catch stitch, slip stitch, half back stitch, tailor tacks and how to cover snaps.  The instructors were wonderful and so were the members.  We would help each other figure out the stitches and short cuts.  There is a wealth of information among the ladies in the group.    My stitches aren’t perfect but with practice they will get better.  I used the sampler as a guide and made my own practice muslin.

Here are closeups of my stitches.

I can’t wait to talk Susan Khalje’s class in August.  I’m taking her all day hand stitching class.  Speaking of classes, I’m taking a one on one fitting blouse class with Pam Howard in June.  I’m so excited.   I know I’ll finally learn what alterations I need to make to sew a blouse that fits ME!!!

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