2010 American Sewing Guild Conference-Susan Khalje Class

I attended my first American Sewing Guild (ASG)  Conference this year in Atlanta, Georgia.  I will be attending another ASG conference.  In fact, I like the ASG conference more than I like the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo.  I’m a garment sewer and while I admire quilting well…I’m just not a quilter.

Anyway, back to the ASG conference, I could only take one class because of my work schedule.  I selected Couture Techniques taught by the wonderful Susan Khalje.  It was an all day class (8am to 5pm).  Did I mention that I’m NOT a morning person?

This class focused mainly on hand stitching but Susan also taught a few machine stitching techniques.

Here’s what was taught:

Hand Stitching

  • Hand Overcasting
  • Catch Stitch
  • Fell Stitch
  • Slip Stitch
  • Back Stitch
  • Prick Stitch
  • Hand Picked Zipper
  • Covered Snaps
  • Attaching Hooks, eyes, and snaps
  • Thread Chains
  • Thread bars
  • Faggoting
  • Bound Button Holes – Bonus Technique!!!

Machine Stitching Techniques

  • Bias Spaghetti Straps
  • Angled Seams
  • Grosgrain Waist Facing
  • Narrow Machine Hem

I learned so much that by the end of the day my brain was mush.  Here are some of my samples.

1.  catch stitch 2. back stitch 3. fagot

4. fell stitch 5. hand picked zipper front closed 6. hand picked zipper

7. hand picked zipper back  8.  thread chain, thread bar, covered snap

9. grosgrain waist facing (front)  10.  grosgrain waist facing (back)

There were about 24 people in the class but I never felt rushed.  Susan was very good about ensuring that everyone understood the techniques and she didn’t mind repeating instructions. The room was setup with 2 people per table and each table had two sewing machines.  A pressing station with 4 irons and iron mats located in the rear of the room.   We received a handout describing most of the techniques and a kit with the most wonderful Japanese needles and pins(I bought the pins and I should have bought more needles), a snap and fabric to cover the snap, silk, lace applique and grosgrain ribbon.  I’m sure I’ve missed something but I can’t think of it now.

Her clothing samples were amazing!  Seriously.  AMAZING!   I wouldn’t mind taking another of her classes.

I budgeted $80 to spend at the conference.  I will never make THAT mistake again. Coming up in the next post,  what I bought.  Stay tuned.

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One Comment on “2010 American Sewing Guild Conference-Susan Khalje Class”

  1. evadress Says:

    Thank you for sharing your examples. I look forward to seeing what more you have to post about the ASG Atlanta conference.
    I am considering writing a proposal to teach there next year.

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