Adventures in Bra Sewing

So after drooling over Debbie Cook, Sigrid, Heather and Tina bras, I decided to give bra sewing a try.

I ordered Ann’s book “Intimately Yours” ,

ordered Danglez DB3E from Elingeria (she’s great! and excellent service),

ordered bra notions from Sew Sassy (got my order in 2 days…sweet!)

and went to GailK’s for powernet and tricot.

Here’s where I am.

Danglez DB3B

I’ve sewn the upper and lower cups, side cup, bra bridge and band.  The pattern instructions are okay but there are no pictures.  The owner of Elingeria sent me the pattern instructions in english (Thank goodness!).  The book helped alot but I also found wonderful information at Sigrid’s tutorials website, Debbie Cook, Sigrid, Heather and Tina blogs, and  Bra-Makers Supply blog.

Next, I must sew the channeling.  I’m not sure that I ordered the correct size  underwires.  The one pattern instruction sheet that wasn’t translated into English was the underwire sheet :(.

I’m guessing that  Bügel  translates to underwire in German.  I took 3 years of German in high school but I don’t think we learned these words.  If anyone speaks German, please help me out here:

BH-Gröbe  – what does this mean?

Bügelgröbe  What does this mean?

There’s no fitting as you go when sewing bras so you must make the bra to see if it fits.  I didn’t do my best sewing with this bra.  I’ll be more careful cutting the fabric next time.  For the lower cups, I’m using 2 layers of tricot and 1 layer of knit interfacing.  For the upper cups, I’m using 2 layers of tricot.  For the side cup, I’m using 2 layers of tricot and 1 layer of knit interfacing.  Maybe I should have used powernet instead of knit interfacing.  Hmmm.  For the bra bridge and band, I’m using 1 layer of tricot and 1 layer of powernet.

Well, I’m tired.  I’m going to sleep.

Until later..peace

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One Comment on “Adventures in Bra Sewing”

  1. Heather Says:

    Awesome! Looks like you’re ready to rumble. I’m getting in gear to make myself some more bras, too. Whoo hoo! Thanks for the shout-out! You’re so sweet!

    I’m pretty sure your “grobe” is “grosse” (I don’t have that little double s doohickie button. I took 4 years of German but can’t remember what it’s called)which I think is like ‘size’. I’m guessing that it is talking about the underwire size needed. Maybe?

    I see BH used when talking about bras all the time on blogs that are in Dutch. It’s like an abbreviation. It might mean ‘bra’, I’m not real sure though. If that is it it may mean ‘bra size’.

    Hopefully someone else can jump in here! LOL!

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