I sewed on the channeling of my bra.  The process went well.  It wasn’t as scary as I thought.

Channeling is a long, flat tube which is sewn to the bra band and cups.  You insert the under wire inside of it.  It’s important to sew the channeling very close to the seam line of the cup.

In the photo on the right – This is the top of the bra bridge, on the left are the seam lines for the cup and the channeling.  You can’t see the channeling for the left cup.

In the photo below – Again, this is the top of the bra bridge. I’ve flipped the channeling over.  The channeling looks tilted in the picture but it’s really straight.

Next up, sewing the elastic on the bra band.  I would have started the process except (it wasn’t me) someone forgot to order plush back elastic for the bra band, cups and straps!  I ordered elastics from Sew Sassy tonight 🙂

I was inspired by Tina today.  She made three awesome bras.  I really liked the different techniques she used for the tops of the bra cups.  I would have never thought to use fold over elastic.  I’m so glad her blog is in English.  I’ve been using Google Translate and while it’s good, it doesn’t always present the inferred meaning of a phrase.

I’ve been attempting to read sewing blogs written in Dutch and German.  I’m so envious of the selection of fabrics and notions for bra making that is available in Europe.  It’s amazing!  Look here and here.  There seems to be more classes and workshop for sewing lingerie in Europe.  Read about it here…don’t forget to use Google Translate 🙂

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