Sewing Lingerie – The books

These are the books I’ve purchased to help me sew my first bra.

Intimately Yours: Bras that Fit is a good book for the beginner like me.  It was the first book that I purchased and I used it along with the pattern instructions to complete (sort of) my first bra.  I really wanted to take Anne St. Clair’s Bra making class at the American Sewing Guild Annual Conference in Atlanta in August.  I think I’d be much further along if I had.

Making Beautiful Bras is a great book full of technical details like how to create a pattern from an old bra, how to alter the bra for a better fit.  This book has 202 pages and is full of tips to make your bra sewing easier.  I really like this book because it covers everything from what needles to where and how to stretch to elastic for the bra band.

Sewing Lingerie (Singer) doesn’t have information on bra making but some of the techniques for making lingrie that could be applied to sewing a bra.   I’ve only had this book for a day so I haven’t really used it yet.

There is one more book that I plan to order and that is The Bra makers Manual by Beverly Johnson.  I’ve read really good reviews about this book and I want it

I’ve started sewing the second bra and things are going well.  I had to stop because I’m traveling for business.  But when I get home, I’m heading straight to the sewing room.

I can see how sewing bras can be come addictive.  So many colors and fabrics and the best thing is the bras will actually fit me!  Woo-hoo!

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