It’s Alive!!!

I didn’t create a monster but I just finished sewing my first bra and I felt a little like Mel Brooks in Young Frankenstein.

Here’s my creation.

Take 2  of my first bra

It doesn’t fit but it looks like a bra;>    I really didn’t expect that my first attempt at making a bra would fit.  That would have been a miracle.

I believe I need to go up a cup size because the bridge doesn’t lay flat against my breast bone.  The Powernet that I bought at Gail K’s isn’t the same as the sample I received from FabricDepot Co.  It’s lighter.  So, I don’t think I’m getting the support that I need.

I’d like to thank Heather because without her, I’d still be stuck on sewing the elastic to the bra straps.

The dreaded straps

I’ve written notes all over the pattern instructions.  I don’t want to have to figure out how to sew a bra  again.  I will definitely sew this bra again.  I really need to order more supplies like Powernet and Tricot.

I ordered a bra kit from Fabric Depot Co but I don’t want to use it yet.    I’d rather wait until I get a better fitting bra.

A few things I will do different:

1.  Reduce the elastic length in the bra straps by 15% instead of 20%.  My straps were awfully curly.

2.  Use heavier tricot for the cups.  The tricot I used was doubled and it still was too stretchy.

3.  Heavier Powernet (medium) for the band and bridge.  I will also order some heavy Powernet for the side cup.  My favorite bra has a small area of  heavy Powernet on the side cup.

4.  order way more supplies because I can see this being an addiction 🙂

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2 Comments on “It’s Alive!!!”

  1. Wolf Crochet Says:

    Oh man! What a lot of work!

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    Lol! I know but once I get the fit right then I can make some really pretty bras 🙂

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