2009 in Review

Hmmm….This SHOULD have been posted in January.  I don’t know why I didn’t post it.  Anywho, It’s interesting to see how much I’ve done in ten months.


2 – Tops


Black and White Simplicity 3887 view D

2 – Skirts & 1 muslin of another skirt
1 – panty
1- half slip
1 – makeup bag
1- set of curtains

Seven items doesn’t seem like much as compared to some other sewing bloggers but this is huge for me. I’m actually making things I can actually wear! Who knew the hardest part about sewing was fitting?

In 2009, I learned how to make skirts that fit my body…squeeeee!  However my favorite sewing item isn’t a skirt but a mock turtleneck. I wish I’d made more because a few weeks ago it was all of 20 degrees in Atlanta and it snowed! What happened? We don’t do snow over here.

Last year, I moved into my new house which inspired me to organize my sewing patterns. I developed a database of all of my sewing patterns in excel so I will never accidentally buy the same pattern again…I hope.

I also bought a new serger which I love and I’m not afraid to use it. I can thread and re-thread that sucker in no time.

Sewing goals

I completed 2 of 6 goals. I made skirts that fit me and I attended my first Original Sewing and Quilt Expo.


I’m a very sporadic knitter. I knit when it’s cold. Last year I made a hat. That’s it and I’m happy.

For 2010, I believe I will carry over my incomplete goals from 2009.

  • Figure out what’s going on with my sleeves and learn to sew sleeves without puckers.
  • Make two blouses with V7903 that fit well.
  • Make a pair of pants that fit me
  • Learn to make waist adjustments on pants, and dresses.

My way out there goal is to take a trip to New York to go fabric shopping!!!

My sewing wish list:

1. Large rotary cutting mat
2. Personalized tags
3. Ham holders
4. Sleeve board and cover
5. Take a fitting class
6. Sewing table
7. Coverstitch machine – stretch

I believe I will archive most of my sewing goals. The trip to New York is a stretch ☺. The things on my sewing wish list are doable. The coverstitch machine is the stretch. I have to do some research on machines before I decide to buy. I know vendors offer discount during the Expo but I think I need the other things on my wish list before I get the coverstitch machine.

I’m really looking forward to learning more and sewing more in 2010.

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One Comment on “2009 in Review”

  1. Heather Says:

    Oh, I’ve wanted to make some sort of database for my patterns too! I thought about putting all the envelopes into a binder or something. I like the idea of a spreadsheet but have no clue how to make one! LOL!

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