Trouser Sewalong – Muslin

I managed to sew the muslin for Simplicity 2700 today.  Yay me!  There are fitting issues.  Big surprise right.  Not 🙂

Simplicity 2700 Muslin 1 - The Front

1.  The stomach.  Yes, I have a big stomach.  I’ll be working on that this year but until my stomach is smaller, I have to reduce the side seam allowance from 1 inch to 5/8″ or 1/2″ to accommodate the stomach.  That should get rid of the wrinkles.  Must also remember to cut the excess length on the zipper before taking a picture.

1.a. I forgot to hem the muslin before I took a picture.  When I did hem it, I realized that I will need to add about 5/8″ to the length.

Simplicity 2700 muslin - The Back

2.  Wrinkles at the inner thighs.  I will change the seam allowance on the back at the inner seam from 1 inch to 5/8″.   I like that the pattern used 1 inch seam allowance for the back at the inner thigh.  It makes it easy to change the seam allowance.

3.  The center back doesn’t reach my waistline.   According to the book Pants for Real People (page 44 bottom of the page AND page 29 Smiles-Full thighs), if I let out the inseam the wrinkles will go away and the center back will come up to the waist.

The Trousler Sewalong Timeline

  • January 3 – 8 ~ cutting and constructing your muslin (DONE!)
  • January 9 -15 ~ muslin fitting and pattern adjustments
  • January 16 – 22 ~ preparing and cutting your fabric, lining and interling
  • January 23 – 31 ~ trouser construction

So, in a day and half,  I cut and constructed my muslin.  Don’t expect this kind of response all the time.  I’m not a fast sewer at all:)  I’m one day ahead so I think I will do a few adjustments to the muslin tomorrow.

Take care

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2 Comments on “Trouser Sewalong – Muslin”

  1. faye177 Says:

    Wow, I have had the hardest time to logging in to wordpress. Been wanting to comment on your blog, but couldn’t get in. I think I have it fixed now! You are doing a great job fitting your pants. I really need to get back to working on pants too. I’m so into skirts right now.

    Are you planning on attending the Expo again this year. I just got some info in the mail on it last week. Keep up your good pant’s fitting work!

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    Hi Faye,
    Thanks for the kind words on the pants muslin. Fitting pants is no joke 🙂 I will be attending the Expo this year. I don’t know how many classes I will take this year. I didn’t see too many classes that really excited me.

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