Who did that!!?!!

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger.  I’ve been sewing or making lots of muslins.  Recently, there’s been a whole muslingate  and here .   I make muslins.  I like muslins.  They work for me right now.  In fact, I’m glad I make muslins because it prevents stuff like this (see photo below) from happening to fashion fabric.

Okay, who did that!  You know it couldn’t have been me? Oh, wait.  It was me 😉  I can’t believe I messed up the back so royally.  I was too busy making sure that I inserted the invisible zipper that I forgot to mark matching locations for both the  zipper and muslin.

So what went wrong on the back…

  • incorrect invisible zipper insertion
  • one size too big at the hip
  • shorten bodice (wrinkles)?

Let’s look at the front

What went wrong with the front

  • someone forgot to change the facings to match the dress front.
  • one size to big in the hip
  • need more waist shaping at the side seam otherwise it looks like I’m wearing a sack.

This morning, I removed the facings and the zipper.  I’m going to make some changes and try it again.   When I get the fitting issues resoled, I’m using these fabrics from Gail K.  I want to make two dress.

Have a great weekend 🙂


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One Comment on “Who did that!!?!!”

  1. Enjoyed reading all the comments on both posts. I clearly understand your reason for musling and look forward to your dresses in the pretty fabrics you’ve selected.

    If I recall I may have made a muslin once and it was useful. However, for the most part I can cut a pattern according to my bust size and in some instances the finished measure may be a tad big and will tweak it.

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