Butterick B5567 view D pictures

Here are the not so great pictures of Butterick B5567 View D.

I really need to start smiling when I take pictures.  This is the muslin.  I would add a snap in the front.  I think the back is fine but someone at work suggested I do a sway back adjustment to make it more fitted.  I don’t know I like the loose fit.

What do you think?

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2 Comments on “Butterick B5567 view D pictures”

  1. sheilazthreadz Says:

    The muslin looks great on you and as for the sway back, it doesn’t look like its need if you plan on occasionally wearing it closed. Great job.

  2. I like clothes loose and comfortable too, but if you wanted it a bit more fitted, you could add 2 narrow, vertical darts along the back, to pull it in slightly at the waist. (I’m not sure what a sway-back adjustment entails.)
    Anyways, wanted to say that I’ve been supporting give-aways on other blogs by donating a set of cards and I’d love to do it for your upcoming give-away too! Shoot me an email if you are interested (gwynhug@gmail.com) 🙂

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