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Cowl neckline alteration

May 10, 2014

So I had good intentions when I pledged to sew one item a month but life got in the way big time.  I haven’t sewn in months but I have been keeping up with the sewing blogs 🙂

Last week, Faye wrote about how to raise a cowl neckline.  Boy did I need that post.  I’d given up on McCall’s M6078 view B because the neckline was wayyyyy to low for me. I’d learned how to make the FBA for a cowl but couldn’t find instructions for raising the neckline so into the sewing drawer it went.  I might make that my project for the spring.


So here’s how the raise a cowl neckline three ways.

1.  From Faye who got it from Samina from Sew Everything Blog.  I’m trying the first method and it doesn’t decrease the bust width at all.  Yay!

2.  and from In-House Patterns This method doesn’t reduce the bust width.

So far I’ve adjusted the front pattern of McCall’s M6078 for a FBA using this method  and raising the neckline.    Now to find stretch knit in my stash.