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Day Two: Original Sewing & Quilting Expo

March 12, 2010

I had two classes today.  The first class was Core Sewing Skills with Cynthia Guffey.  I think the class would have been a lot better if there weren’t so many people in the class.  Don’t get me wrong, the information was great but you really couldn’t see what she was doing.

The second class was Dozen Favorite Construction Techniques with Peggy Sagers.  I got there early and sat in the front row.  Peggy’s back ground is in ready to wear and some of the advice she gives is opposite of the big Four pattern instructions.  She sewed in a sleeve right in front of the class using the flat insertion method.    The sleeve is on the bottom so that the sewing machine feed dogs can do the easing for you.  She did not sew a  double row of basting stitches and she used ONE pin at the shoulder seam.  I’m so trying that. This was a great class.

I like her factory techniques and I know I’ll use them to make my clothes.  I’m also interested in couture techniques but I would not couture my everyday garments.  I know I’ll use both techniques.

Okay so here’s the haul today.

I bought these items at the Silhouette Patterns booth.

One yard of Tie Interfacing.  In the class today, Peggy Sagers demonstrated how to use this interfacing on sleeve caps in jackets.  When I conquer blouses, I’m working on jackets. $9.50

Pants Fitting & Drafting.  I loved the DVDs I bought yesterday so I bought another one today $29.99.  When you buy this DVD at the expo, you get to select a pattern.  I got pattern 1900 (4 button jacket).  Peggy wore her’s today and it was pretty.

I bought my muslin to the expo, hoping to sucker someone into helping me..err..I mean ask for help.  I received great advice from a member of the Atlanta chapter of the American Sewing Guild.  She makes costumes and likes couture sewing.  Another member recommended a DVD that her group watched recently, Full Busted?  Sew Clothes that Fit. I ordered the DVD tonight.   I really should go to more meetings.

Tomorrow is the last day of expo.  I might go to Vogue Fabrics and buy the wonderful blue, sheer silk for $5.99/yard.


The Original Sewing & Quilt Expo Atlanta Day 2

March 7, 2009

Well, I was early again today.

Wrist band for Friday

Wrist band for Friday

My first class was Tailoring Techniques for the Timid.  The instructor, Mary Ray, has had articles published in Threads and on the Sew Stylish website.  She showed the class various techniques like adding shape to the lapel, grading seam allowances, pressing.  She stressed pressing.  She had a variety of pressing cloths and a point presser/clapper.  I felt good about my purchase yesterday 🙂

All in all the class was okay.  I knew most of the stuff already and this was an introductory class.

My next class was Fitting Accomplished:  Upper Body with Cynthia Guffey.  The clouds parted and the sun began to shine when Cynthia began speaking.  She is a fitting goddess!  She talked about the shoulder slope and the upper back curve.  This one hour class really changed the way I look at fit and pattern alteration.  She showed us how to measure and calculate the shoulder slope with two clear rulers.

When the class was over, I ran to the ticket booth and signed up for her next class even though I was signed up for another class with her in the evening.

The next class was Fiting Accomplished: Transitional Fit with Cynthia Guffey.  In this class, she discussed the bust measurement and I was the person she used to make fitting adjustments.  She stressed selecting a pattern that fits neck and upper bust not the full bust for women who wear a C cup and above.  Princess seams which start at the shoulder is also good for above C cup because it gives you 6 places to add the extra width.

The last class was Fitting Accomplished:  Pants with Cynthia Guffey.  In this class, she discussed adjusting the pattern for a flat rear, round rear, adjust the crotch lenght, adjust the knee location in the pants pattern, adjusting the waist, hips and thighs.

I would HIGHLY recommend taking a class with Cynthia Guffey.  I would really like to take her four day fitting class in Louisiana.  She explains fitting in a way that I can totally understand.

My purchases:

Cythnia Guffy DVDs, bobbin buddies, button

Cythnia Guffy DVDs, bobbin buddies, button

Shoulder Slope DVD $29.99, Upper Back Curve & Back Waist Length DVD by Cynthia Guffey $29.99.  Six bobbin buddies $2.00, one brown button for neck warmer$3.99.  Total = 65.97 plus tax.

Tomorrow is the last day and I have one class in the morning.  Today’s classes with Cynthia Guffey was worth the price.  I will definitely attend the Expo next year.