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Cowl neckline alteration

May 10, 2014

So I had good intentions when I pledged to sew one item a month but life got in the way big time.  I haven’t sewn in months but I have been keeping up with the sewing blogs 🙂

Last week, Faye wrote about how to raise a cowl neckline.  Boy did I need that post.  I’d given up on McCall’s M6078 view B because the neckline was wayyyyy to low for me. I’d learned how to make the FBA for a cowl but couldn’t find instructions for raising the neckline so into the sewing drawer it went.  I might make that my project for the spring.


So here’s how the raise a cowl neckline three ways.

1.  From Faye who got it from Samina from Sew Everything Blog.  I’m trying the first method and it doesn’t decrease the bust width at all.  Yay!

2.  and from In-House Patterns This method doesn’t reduce the bust width.

So far I’ve adjusted the front pattern of McCall’s M6078 for a FBA using this method  and raising the neckline.    Now to find stretch knit in my stash.




Knitting…say what!

June 23, 2011

My friend sent me a letter a few weeks ago.  The envelop contained a brief note,  a brochure and a knitting pattern. She was very sneaky! She knows I don’t knit in the summer. It’s too dang hot. The brochure was from Mother Bear Project which is an organization that provides hand-knit or crocheted bears to children affected by HIV/AIDS.  How could I resist?   This will be my first charity knitting project and my first experience using polyfill stuffing.  I’m not a fast knitter but this pattern seems to knit up quickly.  Stay tuned.

On the sewing front, I finished the muslin of McCall’s M6078 view B and I’m mostly happy with the fit.  I will take pictures of me wearing  the muslin top and a ready to wear top this weekend.

Happy Friday y’all

It’s the little things

June 22, 2011

So last night, I really needed to put the fabric down 🙂  I was too tired to think straight and the  lower looper thread on my serger kept breaking.  I must have re-threaded my serger 3 times and adjusted the tension who knows how many times before it dawned on me to step.away.from. the.machine.

Today when I got home, it took all of two minutes to figure out the problem.

When the lower looper thread breaks

You see that arrow?  It’s pointing to a very important piece of information.  “Turn handwheel toward you to chain off three or four stitches.”  That sentence is the difference between my serger working like a charm or crap.  I prefer working like a charm 🙂  I only have to remember this sentence when I need to re-thread the serger.  I’m writing about this because I have a feeling I might run into this again.  This way, I have a visual reference.  As you can see, I also highlighted and tabbed that page in the serger manual.


Back to the muslin of McCall’s M6078 – I serged the side seams and the top fits.  Woohoo!  The fabric is too thick for the cowl style but I’m going to finish it.  I want to practice hemming on my cover stitch machine.  No pictures because it’s rainy and dark.

Have a great evening.

Put the fabric DOWN!

June 22, 2011

You know it’s time to step away from the fabric when no matter how many times you re-read the lower looper of your serger or adjust the tension, the lower looper thread STILL breaks.  This is a prime example of trying to sew while sleepy.

I’m making a muslin of McCall’s M6078 View B

I hope this is an easy pattern (like it states on the pattern envelop).  The reviews have been good.  I’m making size XL no changes.  We’ll see how it works. I’m using my sewing machine, cover stitch machine and serger to construct this top.  I think I’m going to order more thread for the cover stitch machine.  I don’t want to have to share the same 4 spools of thread between the serger and cover stitch machine.

I need to practice hemming on the cover stitch machine.

Not a ripple in sight.  I love my cover stitch machine.

A bit off the edge but not bad.

I’m using very thick knit for the muslin.  The fashion fabric is much thinner.  I’ve had the fashion fabric over a year!   I ordered Vera Wang Jersey knit in black and in green from Fabric Mart in May 2010.  I don’t have pictures of the Vera Wang fabric but I this pattern works, you’ll see the finished item soon.

Take care,

I’m going to bed.