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February 14, 2012

Last year, I participated in a Trouser Sewalong hosted by

Trouser Sewalong

The Cupcake Goddess

I didn’t succeed in sewing a pair of pants that fit me.  Simplicity 2700 is the pattern I used.

Simplicity 2700 Bootleg pants

Last year, I did sew a whole bunch of muslins.   Fortunately, I kept them.  Over the last few months, I’ve lost weight and none of the muslins fit.  So, this weekend I made a new muslin using all the knowledge that I’d gained from last year.   I’ll post pictures later in the week.

The good

  • added 2 inches, yes, 2 inches to the pants back at the crotch line and woo-hoo!  No more wrinkles at the inner thigh!  Success!
  • added 1 inch to center back and tapered to zero at the side seam for additional crotch depth.
  • add 1 inch in length.  I’ve got long legs.

The not so good

  • didn’t take into consideration my tilted waistline so the front waistband is a little too high
  • need to deepen the crotch curve for my low rear end.  See page 35 of Pants for Real People
  • zipper stop needs to be 1/4 inch below the large dot in the front.
  • I still have a tummy so I need more room in the front.  According to Pants for Real People, I can  straighten the front curve for a full tummy. There are no front darts on this pattern.  See page 35 of Pants for Real People again.

I think I will get a good fitting muslin by making the changes on the not so good list.  I plan to make another muslin with the changes this weekend.

It’s amazing how much I’ve learned since last year.  I really believe I’ll have a well fitting pair of pants soon.

Ice, Ice Baby!

January 13, 2011
Snowy winter

My backyard

This is the view from my backyard.  The snow has turned to ice.  Atlanta shuts down when it snows and goes crazy with ice.   I stay at home and watch as cars and trucks slide and crash.

I made some changes with on the muslin.  I think it fits a little better now.

Altered Back

Simplicity 2700 muslin - The Back

Original Back

The back isn’t perfect but it feels better.  I’m not really happy with the fit.  I think I need more length in the back.  I’ve given up on Simplicity 2700 for now.  At least, until I get the fitting right for the back and front cr*tch curve.

I’m going to use Butterick B5257 view D pants. I’ve already made the first muslin.  The front is way to long.  The muslin front is so much higher than my natural waist and the cr*tch front is about 5/8″ too long.  I like the way the back hangs but I still need to add about 5/8″ to 3/4″ to the back cr*tch length.  I will have to add approximately 3 or 4 inches to the leg length.   My goal is to make another muslin with the changes and mark my waistline on the muslin.  I hope this works.  I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

Stay warm

Trouser Sewalong

January 7, 2011

I’ve decided to join The Cupcake Goddess: Trouser Sewalog.

Trouser Sewalong

The Cupcake Goddess

The sewalong started on January 3, 2011.  The timeline is:

  • January 3 – 8 ~ cutting and constructing your muslin
  • January 9 -15 ~ muslin fitting and pattern adjustments
  • January 16 – 22 ~ preparing and cutting your fabric, lining and interling
  • January 23 – 31 ~ trouser construction

I’m not using the Burda pattern because I don’t have it and I have many pants patterns to chose from in my sewing room.  In December, I made a  muslin of two Simplicity patterns.  I wasn’t happy with either of them so I selected another Simplicity pattern that I think will work for me.  It’s Simplicity 2700.

Simplicity 2700 Bootleg pants

It’s been reviewed 23 times on Pattern Review and it’s very similar to Simplicity 2562 which I tried to make in December.  In fact, some of the pattern pieces are the same.  I believe the bootcut leg of Simplicity 2700 will fit me better than the wide leg 2562.  I can also learn from the mistakes I made with 2562 like assuming all the seam allowances were 1 inch.  I’ve decided to make the pants without pockets this time.  I really want to concentrate on fit not style.  Speaking of fit, I will try to use some of the tips I learned from Peggy Segar’s video chat on Pant Fitting.

So tonight around 10:30, I began tracing my pattern pieces.  Yes, I trace the big four patterns.  I altered the front by basically combined the front with the  front yoke.

Combined patterns pieces for front

Doing this, I was able to eliminate the pockets.   Here’s a tip:  I use Scotch 3/4 inch Removable Tape to tape the two pattern pieces together.  This tape stays in my sewing room.  I use it when I have to alter pattern pieces because it holds when needed and can be moved without tearing my pattern paper.

I’ve got all the pieces traced (yay).  I will cut the muslin and do a little sewing tomorrow.

That’s enough about pants, on to bra sewing news.  I received modified pattern of the Danglez DB3 bra from the owner :).  I will probably put off making a bra until after the trouser sewalong.  That will give me time to order more bramaking materials :).  I want to order Duoplex FJ-6 from Bra-makers Supply.  They use it in their bra kits.  Has anyone tried it?  Please let me know what you think of using it verses tricot with lining.

That’s all that going on with me wish me luck with my pants muslin.