Sewing Pattern Cabinet

I bought a sewing pattern cabinet.

simplicity pattern cabinet

simplicity pattern cabinet

I have 344 patterns.

sewing pattern cabinet drawer1 lite

sewing pattern cabinet drawer 2 lite

They fit in 1 1/4 drawers.  I’m so happy I have the cabinet.  I’ve been wanting one for a long time.

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10 Comments on “Sewing Pattern Cabinet”

  1. Lucky you. Where did you find one to buy?

  2. causeiwanna Says:

    This one was from a sewing friend. I had my name down on a list at a JoAnn’s store that was going out of business but that didn’t work out. Just let people in the sewing community know that you’re looking for one and sooner or later they show up.

  3. Thanks for your advice. I will be keeping my eye out for one. Off to count my patterns now.:)

  4. And I’m jealous that you have one of these!

  5. causeiwanna Says:

    I was very happy to get the sewing cabinet. I tried to buy one from JoAnn’s but I didn’t get one. Now, I’ve got to make sure I don’t fill it up with patterns.

  6. Susan Ennis Says:

    I also have a pattern cabinet. mine is New Look. Unfortunately, after doing a huge basement reno I find that I can’t keep it. If anyone out there is interested I am going to sell mine. it is in great shape!

    let me know. I live in Aurora, Ontario.

  7. manningthemachine Says:

    I’m getting one today!!

    I was looking for a filing cabinet to hold all my patterns and stumbled upon your picture on google. Then I remembered that Fabricland isn’t carrying Simplicity anymore. Maybe they’d have some.

    Score. My husband is on his way to grab one now.

  8. Ladies I have access to a real nice Simplicity 5 drawer cabinet right now … Can you please give me an idea how much they sell for ? This one says “Simplicity Printed Patterns” across the top and is like a maroon in color … Seems to be in great shape … If you wouldn’t mind getting back to me my email is. thank you !

  9. LaJuan Hayes Says:

    The bottom drawer of my Simplicity pattern cabinet pulled all the way out and now I can’t get it back in properly. Anyone know what to do? I have replaced them in the past when we had to remove them when we moved. Now I don’t remember what I did. Thanks.

  10. causeiwanna Says:

    I’m so sorry LaJuan. I have no idea how to remove or repair the cabinet drawer. I hope you find the information that you need.

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